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Red River Pos Provides The Best Bar/Beverage Consultancy Services For Bar/Restaurant industry in San Diego.

Award Winning Mixologist Atilla iskifoglu partnered up with Red River Pos.

Atilla Iskifoglu – Real Life Bar Rescue.

Atilla has been performing bar flair shows since 2001, represented England in World Championships, and has appeared on the BBC and ITV two times and performed celebrities such as Madonna and John Travolta. Recently performed on Britain’s got Talent. Atilla has travelled all over the World, to the USA, Cuba, Austria, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Maldives and many more countries trained around 1000 bartenders, performed more than 600 shows. 

In the world of  Bartending few have the ability to excite, amaze, and inspire like 4-time European Champion Atilla. The world Champion  flair bartender has an impressive CV including wins in competitions across the globe including Las Vegas World’s Greatest Bartenders competition. In 2001 he was featured on the BBC 6 O’clock News in London as he represented the UK at the Bar Flair World Championships in Cuba, and in 2009 he helped bring flair bartending to the mainstream as he wowed the crowds, judges, and viewers at home during a successful run on Britain’s Got Talent.

Watch Atilla in action:

Also known as The Bar Hypnosis, his love of competition is firmly rooted in a love of taking to the stage and performing his art, a love he has nurtured since first stepping behind a bar at the age of 18. He has been known to entertain bar customers at legendary venues such as Rock & Rita’s in Las Vegas not only because of his tremendous skill, but also because of the knowledge and passion he shows for the drinks industry.

This knowledge and passion has led Atilla to create a new style of bartending known as ‘mixology and flair’, breaking down the barriers that usually exist between mixology and flair bartending. He has constantly pushed boundaries, ever since he became the first bartender at the Roadhouse European Challenge in 2001 to flair with four/five objects.

Atilla will train any staff to prepare and mix hand-crafted drinks in the way intended to ensure consistent quality.  


                                                      Some of Atilla’s services:

576672_10151535347095511_525400510_23362374_1095402930_n ▪Staff Training -Beverage Program Consulting

 ▪Bar ware Placement – Mocktail Training

 ▪Beverage Menu Creation – Bar shows/ Performances

 ▪Specialty Cocktail/Mocktail Design / Fire shooters

 ▪Fresh Twist on Classics



 ▪On-site Staff Training

 ▪Training Materials

 ▪Liquor Assessment & Selection

 ▪Spirits Curation

 ▪Vendor Negotiation

 ▪Press, Promotion & Buzz Generation

575970_10151535033065511_525400510_23362121_255095497_n ▪Media Appearances

 ▪Par System Development

 ▪Beverage Costing and Tracking

 ▪Glassware Procurement