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We’ll bring our expertise and years of experience to help bring your ideas to life. With a combined Marketing experience of over 15 years, Red River Marketing  know how to deliver results for your business. Every recommendation we make and every action that is taken is specifically built around ensuring our clients achieve the specific objectives we have agreed with them. We make it our priority to understand your business and we know the difference the results we generate will make to you personally that’s what motivates us.

Search Engine Optimisation

The whole point of investing in a website is to get you noticed; that’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of using tools and techniques to get your website ranking at the top of search engines, meaning you get the most attention. We believe that a multifaceted approach is the best way to get your website ranking.

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Social Media Marketing

Twitter: over 270 million users. Google+: over 540 million users. Facebook: over 1 billion users. At Redriver Digital Marketing  we can help turn these users into your customers through social media marketing. We specialise in creating individual social media campaigns that are tailored to your business, and can effectively advertise your brand throughout Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social platform that we feel would benefit you. 

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Email Marketing

At Active Internet Marketing (UK) our email marketing strategies are built around data. Unlike many of our competitors, we add email capturing facilities to your website in order to create a database. We use this to get a real picture of who your customers are.


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Digital Signage Menus

You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards & lots of other places. Well, that’s called Digital Signage.


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PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is a way of maximising your online presence by paying to be at the top of the list on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We also work with a variety of social media platforms within paid search.


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