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Grocery POS Solution

Red River POS provides complete turn key grocery pos solutions, from sales to inventory, CRM to promotions. Contact us for more information.

Grocery POS Feature Presentation

Sales Order

* Phone Order

Asia World Market Grand Opening

* Electronic order
* Bill to and ship to address
* Real time inventory
* Contract pricing by customer


* Route management
* Weight/Cubic rate
* Attach route to customer
* Automatic inventory commit


* Credit limit
* Historic of invoicing
* Support multiple media


* Account statement on screen
* Different type of statement
* Adjustment transaction
* Debit notes
* Open payments

Grocery POS Multi-lingual Screen

* Full or partial payment
* Overlay of cashier entry
* Attach each register to one camera
* Video Watermark for integrity
* Recal video from SMS Electronic Journal
* Compare key stroke from the EJ with video
* Panic Button on POS
* Have Cashier mark certain event and preview them later
* Scale Status Verification
* Initial load with warning that the scale will be zeroing
* Item, Price and Ingredient load
* Item, Price and Ingredient load by Sub Department
* Item and Ingredient reading for verification
* Productivity reading with zeroing
* Interface to all major scale manufacture
* Embedded in the customer display
* Easy tools for creating publicity
* Create publicity from item file using template
* Manage store publicity billboard
* Trigger publicity base on item/dept./sub-dept sales