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Quick Service POS

From Counter service and Drive-Thru to Wireless handheld units (line busters) and self-service Kiosks, we do it all. Our Quick service functions focus on speed and accuracy not only serving customers, but also for employee training. Labor turn over can be high, so it is important for your POS to be quick and easy to learn with very little training time.

Features include:

48 key speed window with on-screen check display

Expedited order processing with on-screen prep of up to 8 orders

Timer displays for all orders on prep screen

On-the-fly prep printing / display

Continuous order recall

Suspend and resume order capability

Random order bumping

Order parking capabilities for single, double & triple drive-thru

Combo meal automation

Drive-thru orders are queued for entering the order, paying the order, changing the order and serving (bumping) the order

Orders can be entered, paid and served on the same terminal or split among 2 or 3 terminals

Order profiling for suggestive selling and/or coupons at the POS

Print receipt after the sale is complete for any previous order

Sales reports by time intervals

Definable labor reports

Multi-channel kitchen video capabilities

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