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Yogurt Store POS Systems

Dear FrozenYogurt Store Owners,

If you own a yogurt store you have the benefits of:

  • Owning an easy to operate business    
  • Absentee ownership is possible
  • Low labor cost and high profit margins

However, you cannot stop others from opening new stores. What do you do to differentiate your store to attract customers and eliminate competition? How do you control cash and prevent employee theft. How do you know exactly how many cups should be in your inventory? How do you know which ads bring you the most customers and which ads you should not waste money on?

Enough Is Enough!

Red River POS has an award winning Frozen Yogurt POS System is a hardware and software package designed for a yogurt store. A Touch Screen provides easy ordering and keeps track of how many cups and OZ of yogurt you sold. Great features including: Prepaid Customer Accounts, Gift and Loyalty Tracking, Ad Effectiveness Tracking makes this a perfect high tech replacement for your old cash register.

The challenges many frozen yogurt stores are facing are:

* Your operations tend to face “rush” periods.  Some customers have to wait in line for so long by the time they get to enjoy their yogurt, it is already melted. That creates an unhappy customer experience.

* You might use a POS to speed up service, but your POS has no “OZ” scale integration.

If you use a lbs scale, that will create confusion to your customers. You also need to take tare on every sale. You might violate your local weight and measurement rules and be subject to fines and penalties.

* You want to be able to get the daily sales total for your stores without relying heavily on computer equipment, network and security software.

* There is competition from everywhere.

You need to compete with the promotional capabilities of these competitors and leverage your speed and flexibility.

* You want a system that has the ability to take and complete orders and take payments quickly.

You also need accurate reporting so that you can staff properly to meet these times but not have overstaffing when it is slower. You may also want your system to help promote a smoother traffic flow, by offering incentives for clients to come in during non peak times.
Yogurt Stores Features

* OZ Scales helps speed up service and improves customer satisfaction
* Automatically takes tare on every sale.

* Integrated Gift Card Processing increases your cash flow, profit and customers with gift cards – Each time you sell a gift card, you have two customers. The buyer and the gift card recipient. Gift cards keep more people coming back to your stores. The unredeemed portion is pure profit.
* Daily sale totals for all stores can be output automatically through and FTP site on the Internet. You do not need to go to all stores to check on inventory and end the day reports.
* Employee Time & Attendance with multiple job codes & pay rates. Lower your labor costs. Reduce overtime and errors.
* 2 Cash Drawer Ports multiple cashiers offer absolute control and reconciliation. Every employee is held accountable for their cash drawer.
* Integrated Credit Card processing option with high-speed DSL credit authorization (transactions are completed in 5 seconds or less). Reduce customers wait time. Who wants to eat melted yogurt anyway?
* Floating customer charge file with discount level. You can sell yearly membership such as a yogurt club. Keeps customers coming back for the whole year.
* You can track newspaper ads and promotions. It gives you insight to spend less and get more results than your competitors.
* Monitors Cashiers from a remote terminal

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