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How Self Ordering Kiosk can help you to increase your Restaurant Sales ?

How Self Ordering Kiosk can help you to increase your Restaurant Sales ?

benefits of self ordering kiosks

The COVID-19 pandemic has now fundamentally altered how independently owned eateries view self-ordering kiosks. What was formerly thought of as expensive and impersonal technology is now recognized as a practical choice for customers and a cost-effective answer for eateries.

Convenience is not the only advantage, either. Additionally, self-ordering kiosks have reduced wait times, enhanced order accuracy, and, most critically, increased check sizes at restaurants—benefits that virtually every restaurant can take advantage of.

Benefits of Self Ordering Kiosks for Restaurants

1. It can Decrease Waiting Time for your customers

By allowing consumers to place their order, send it to the kitchen, and make payment in just a few clicks, a self-ordering kiosk can help cut down on those wait times. Customers can then leave the line to pick up their orders at a designated counter after waiting till they are ready.

Due to the increased operational efficiency that comes with quicker ordering and shorter queues, several restaurants have even opened kiosk-only establishments. Of course, the time spent waiting in line is time that customers and employees are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

2. It can increase order accuracy for your restaurant

With them choosing and submitting their own orders, your clients will dramatically reduce the margin of error for orders. Because it guarantees that your customers know exactly what they’re getting, a kiosk with a visual menu is quite beneficial in lowering confusion.
Your kitchen won’t waste time cooking an out-of-order item or an improper dish thanks to improved order accuracy. You won’t have to deal with irate consumer complaints or unfavorable web reviews as a result. In the long run, self-ordering technologies can eliminate the need to pay for voids and discounts.

3. It can save a huge amount of money on staffing

Self-ordering kiosks also aid in addressing the efficiency issue by enabling restaurateurs to transfer workers as needed. Front-of-house personnel who used to accept orders manually might now be allocated to other jobs that raise sales and improve the customer experience.

This form of flexible hiring increases productivity while also potentially lowering your overall worker’s wages. Although self-ordering kiosks can’t replace all restaurant staff, they may allow you to have fewer employees on duty during peak hours. Additionally, for businesses with limited resources, saving money on one or two employees might help keep overhead expenses manageable.

4. Keep staff and customers safe in this COVID-19 period

The ability of self-ordering kiosks to maintain consumer and employee comfort by lowering in-person encounters may be their greatest advantage in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Some consumers could still feel more at ease ordering from a kiosk than in person, even when the danger of infection decreases.

By enabling customers to online ordering for their meals independently, self-serve technology gives nervous customers a comfortable approach to grabbing a meal. A kiosk enables a client to make an order and transmit it directly to the kitchen without having to contact personnel, whether it is located at the front of your restaurant or right on each table.

5. It can help you in Targeted upselling for your customers

Self-ordering kiosks aid restaurants in displaying current specials or tailored marketing messages based on the patrons’ purchase preferences. With enticing images and descriptions of the new food products, it presents the restaurant’s menu, advertisements, specials, and discounts, increasing the likelihood that the consumer would order them.

Self-ordering kiosks from Red River POS are equipped with cutting-edge business intelligence platforms that produce insightful reports like kiosk visit detailed reports, customer transaction log reports, payment logs, and transaction errors reports. These reports help with restaurant management and long-term strategic planning.

As was already noted, the restaurant’s backend POS system is connected to the self-ordering kiosks. To assure the availability of raw materials for meals that are in high demand, this aids in monitoring and controlling processes and orders.

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