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How Tableside Ordering can help you to grow your Restaurant?

How Tableside Ordering can help you to grow your Restaurant?

Whether it’s through manual checkout systems or QR code ordering systems, ordering at the table will delight guests and make your front-of-house work easier.

It’s 2022 and diners expect better and more efficient dining experiences. However, the COVID pandemic has changed the way we operate – as both restaurant guests and business owners.

Here’s the technology you should be aware of to make table ordering a reality in your restaurant.

What is tableside ordering?

Table ordering is defined as any contactless or limited contact ordering and payment system that allows guests to browse menus, order food and beverages, and close their checks, either with the help of a server or on their own phone. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant where the server is armed with a pocket-sized tablet or used your phone to place your own order, you’ve probably experienced table service.

What is the table ordering system?

Tabletop ordering systems for restaurants are displayed in two ways: via QR code ordering systems and/or manual checkout systems. They are an integral part of New Steps of Service, a model that has emerged to meet the new needs of restaurants and restaurant patrons. Tabletop ordering systems allow the server or guest to use an ordering device that speeds up service and ensures a better customer experience.

What is a QR code ordering system?

An increasingly popular and newer type of table ordering technology is Mobile Order & Pay, where diners can easily scan a QR code and browse the menu, order, and pay, all from their mobile devices. The entire mobile ordering process – from opening the menu and selecting food to paying the bill and adding a tip – is all done from the guest’s phone. This is a self-service table-side restaurant ordering system; there are no offers, receipts, credit cards or pens to touch – ever. And while QR code ordering solutions are common in quick service restaurants (QSRs), they can be successful (and reduce your bottom line) regardless of the service model.

What is a handheld POS?

Another option for desktop ordering and payment devices is to equip your servers with a handheld POS. The handheld platforms can be carried anywhere in the restaurant, reducing the need to travel back and forth to a central POS to place orders. Our POS handhelds can take guest orders, process contactless (NFC) or physical card payments, receive email receipts to customers, and include loyalty and rewards programs. Handheld platforms for ordering at the table in restaurants are becoming increasingly popular, even among restaurants that have stuck to the traditional paper receipt model for decades.

How to choose a restaurant POS system with the possibility of ordering at the table?

First, you need to decide whether you are interested in exploring a QR code ordering system, pocket POS tablets, or both. These table ordering and payment options are best used together: Order and Pay can be used at each table, while handhelds can be carried for servers to check in and see if guests want to order any additional items or if anyone doesn’t like them ordering from their phone.

Ensure seamless system integration with your point of sale. With outdated systems, sending an order to the kitchen can easily turn into a game of telephone. This means that poor communication and incorrect orders can define the restaurant experience instead of efficiency and clarity. Order & Pay are fully integrated with the back of the house. This means that the servers will always know which items are or are not in stock, so no more awkward conversations with guests who have to explain that the food they ordered is out of stock.

Look for the ability to link guest data for marketing campaigns. If you’re not collecting additional guest and behavioral data, you’re missing a big opportunity to keep your restaurant top of mind when guests are looking for options. Make sure your system collects valuable guest data (such as email addresses or phone numbers) to better understand them and deepen the connection beyond the dining experience.

Make sure the investment in systems for your business needs is worth it. Restaurant POS systems with table orders increase the efficiency and speed of service, meaning you can turn over more tables without reducing the guest experience. Table ordering technology also increases upsells and tips, which can increase revenue. And eliminating paper menus and receipts saves money and reduces your restaurant’s carbon footprint.

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